Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Annual Christmas Party at PKC

Neither wind, nor rain, nor cold, nor nothin' could keep PKC members from celebrating the fellowship we enjoy at our Annual Christmas Feast, Awards Program, and Benefit Auction! It was a nasty night outside, but inside, our meeting room was filled with laughter, festive food, and great cheer.

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Some magical elves (named Ginia Manchester, Lee King, Dee Felts, Gloria Meriwether, Charlotte Holt, and Alice Jackson) decorated and cleaned the meeting room for all of us to enjoy.

Dee cooked two perfectly done turkeys with all the trimmings and a smokey, luscious ham. The members brought the rest, (hopefully we'll be posting some recipes on this blog in the near future) and the kitchen ladies pitched in to get it all set out for us.

The desserts and sides arrived - oh my!

We asked volunteer auctioneer Mike Keeling go to the front of the line.

I'll tell you what. PKC members can cook!!!! Yum.


The first of three President's Awards went to Debbie Cavitt. She's been teaching Obedience Classes, doing CGC and Therapy Dog International testing on a volunteer basis for the club for years. Thank you, Deb.

The second President's Award went to Cathy Crecelius. Cathy worked tirelessly to make our June Agility Trial happen. Thank you, Cathy.

The third President's Award went to Lee King. Lee is helping this (rather clueless) new President so much, that she practically is still the President in everything but name. Thank you, thank you, thank you Lee.

When Mary Bowlin was announced as the worthy recipient of a Lifetime Membership Award, she recieved a standing ovation, and there weren't many dry eyes in the house. Congratulations and thank you for your years of service, Mary.

Mary was the first to congratulate Carol Nielsen on her Lifetime Membership Award. Congratulations and thank you for your years of service, Carol.

And a loud whoop erupted for the Drs. Frank and Mary Adelman to celebrate their Lifetime Membership Awards. Congratulations and thank you for your years of service, Frank and Mary.

Outstanding Service

The PKC Award for Outstanding Service was given to Fred and Joyce Shatzer. Fred brings his own equipment and mows, mows, mows, refusing reimbursement even for gas money. (And we all know what's happened to the price of gas.) Seems like whenever there's a job that needs doing, Fred is there, all matter of fact, no fanfare. Joyce has taken on the roll of Secretary with aplomb. Her notes are accurate, and she tries to keep the new President straight. (No easy job, that!) The Secretary's duty is a big task, and Joyce does it quietly, efficiently, and without complaint or recognition. And then there are the baskets. For raffles and for our Christmas auction, no one can wait to see the Shatzers' baskets. Artfully presented, they are overfilled with amazing goodies! Year after year, those beautiful baskets are our top bidded-on items, and have raised a huge amount for the PKC. Thank you and congratulations, Joyce and Fred!

This year's Walker-Wiseman Award for Outstanding Service went to Dee Felts. And in the wise words of the Awards Committee, "That's a no-brainer!" Did you ever wonder how the PKC grounds stays so neat looking? Dee is out there with her weed-eater, all summer long. Have you noticed how many new trees have been planted? Dee and her trusty shovel. Who hauls the trash away, and who takes the recycling in? Dee. Who washes the dish rags and all those festive red tablecloths? Dee. Who cooks and cleans for every function? Who comes early and stays late? Dee and Dee. Who meticulously balances our books and finds us the best deals on insurance, on the mortgage, on whatever we need? You guessed it: Dee Felts. I'm sure there's more, but for this award and for everything you do for the Paducah Kennel Club, congratulations and thank you, Dee Felts.


Checking out just one of the tables of goodies

We have to thank volunteer auctioneer, Mike Keeling for doing the honors each year for us. He helped us raise a bountiful sum, and made us laugh while we opened our hearts and our wallets!

The camera man was too busy bidding big bucks for his 'far' engine red cadilac cap (sigh) to take pictures, but congratulations to all of us for bringing great stuff and bidding up a storm. Special mention must be made to Betsy Bosarth's fiance', Dave Chester. Dave not only fixed the training room heater for free, he was one of the evening's High Rollers, bidding $35 on this rubber chicken! You rock, Dave!

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all!

see you at the club