Thursday, November 18, 2010

An Obedience Seminar with the Owner Trainer of the #1 Dog in the USA

We are VERY excited to announce an upcoming Obedience Seminar sponsored by the Paducah Kennel Club on February 26 & 27, 2011.

Laura Romanik had the NUMBER ONE AKC OBEDIENCE DOG in 2009, and she is coming to Paducah to work with you! We are so pleased to be able to present this extraordinary opportunity.

(click on the little arrow in the right upper corner of the grey frame below to enlarge, then use your Esc button on your keyboard to return)

You can download and print the above flyer by clicking on the following links:
This is the outside page
This is the inside page
This is the insert

If you have any problems with the downloads, and would like the documents in WORD, simply email us and kindly use SEMINAR as the subject.

Oh, and just in case you needed any extra incentive, breakfasts and hot, luscious luncheons are FREE!

See you at the club!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Beginners Agility Classes

Beginners Agility Class

New Classes are forming @ Paducah Kennel Club!! The first Class is September 21st.

Enrollment begins now!!

Participation fee is $90 for six weeks, (wow, that’s only $15 per session – what a bargain) and fee is payable upon registration.

Instruction will begin at 6:30

Reasons to join agility:

· Offers physical exercise for both you and your dog

· Challenges your dog mentally, builds confidence and teaches listening skills

· Builds companionship between you and your dog

· Enjoy the company of many other dog lovers

· PKC has all the equipment seen during agility trials

It is the fastest growing dog sport in the country

Paducah Kennel Club is located at 1325 Fisher Rd Paducah, KY
call 270-210-5424 for more info

dogs must be current on vaccinations and have basic obedience training: sit, stay, come

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Agility anyone? Yes YOU!!!

On Tuesday Sept 7, the Paducah Kennel Club is hosting a Beginners Agility Open House and you're invited! Come on out to the club at 6 pm and watch demos, ask questions and enjoy refreshments.

It's a kickoff for our next series of Beginner and Intermediate Agility lessons which will start on Tuesday, Sept 21 and run for six weeks. It's more fun than anything and you know you want to get started!!!

EMAIL for more info, or just show up on Tuesday the 7th.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

It was a HOT time at the Ol' Dog Show

It was hot, oh lordy it was hot, but the valiant members of the PKC were up to the task. The grounds were groomed to perfection, the day was here, and the people and dogs came!

Thank you to the Paducah Bank! New members, old members make OUR show special.

Paducah City Commissioner showed some serious cool, presenting Best In Show

Free ice cream from Paducah Bank ROCKS!!!
Oh yes, you two are most definitely heroes.

The dogs are definitely looking cooler than the humans!

What's wrong with this picture???? Somebody shrunk her Cattle Dog!!!!

Ummmm.. there is a squeakie mouse in your... never mind!

This dude is cool! (And so is the kid!)

PKC members outdid themselves on the potluck! Maybe all this deliciousness will revive us?

The heat may have been a little too much!!
Is all lost? Is there any hope?


Strike up the trumpets ...


Every single judge and many of the exhibitors remarked at what an extraordinary club we have. At the beauty of the property, but also over and over again I heard how fortunate we are that our members work together so well.

And I said HA!!! That's not LUCK. We just have the best group of people to EVER make up a KENNEL CLUB!!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Congratulations Grads!!!

On Tuesday night the Beginning Agility Class graduated. Agility Chair Gene Glastetter handed out the proof -

There were big dogs...
And little dogs..
And more dogs than pictured, but that's my fault. Thanks to Martha Veatch for the great photos!

Then on Thursday, it was Graduation Day for the Pet Obedience class

Instructor Debbie Cavitt raved about what a great class this was!

Why, yes of course there was food involved! Treats for the humans and the dogs!
And after the certificates and goodies were handed out, the CGC  and Therapy Dog International testing began.

Thanks to Agility Instructors Gene Glastetter, Virginia Mapes, Fred Jackson, Martha Veatch, Marjorie Loynes, and Judy Johnson. And to the Obedience Instructors Debbie Cavitt, Sally Moore, and Ginia Manchester.

You volunteered a ton of your time and energy for your Club and you sure are appreciated!

see you at the Club!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Time Table

To see when each breed will be judged, click HERE .
Scroll on down past the map on page 3, and on page 4 you'll see an alphabetized list of breeds.

Here, I'll walk you through it. So on page 3, let's check out the Papillons, and oh, say, the Whippets! On the table on page 3 we see:

PAPILLON  4     9:00 am     4      9:15 am
WHIPPET    2     1:10 pm     3      2:45 pm

This means the the ring assigment for Papillons is ring 4 at 9:00 AM on Saturday, and the same ring at 9:15 on Sunday. Whippets will be in Ring 2 at 1:10 PM on Saturday, and at 2:45 in Ring 3 on Sunday. 

Now scroll down to page 4 to find out how many Papillons and Whippets are entered. First look for the Ring number and the assigned time. Let's see, Ring 4 at 9:00 AM on Saturday: There it is on page 6. Pugs and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are listed first, which means they will show before the Papillons. You'll see this magical code

26 Papillons 14-9-2-1

What the heck does that mean? It means there are a total of 26 Papillons entered in the show. 14 are males ("dogs" in Dog Show lingo) who are working on becoming Champions, 9 are females ("bitches" - it's not a bad word at a dog show) who aren't yet Champions, 2 are dogs who are already Champions who will be vying for Best of Breed, and 1 is a bitch Champion.

Okay, you do the Whippets:

12 Whippets 4-6-1-1
Did you get it right? If you look at Ring 2 on Saturday at 1:10 PM, you'll see there are several breeds consisting of 33 dogs which will be judged before Whippets. At around 2 minutes per dog that means the Whippets won't actually start showing until somewhere around 2:10, even though they are in the 1:10 ring assignment. There are a total of 12 Whippets entered (NONE of them mine waaahhh). 4 are non-champion dogs, 6 are bitches trying to get points toward their championship, one is a Champion dog and one is a Champion bitch.
Easy, right?
I hope this helps you out and we sure hope to see you at the show, cheering on your favorite breed all the way! Scroll down to the next post on this blog for more information about the show.

Monday, May 31, 2010

We're having a DOG SHOW!!!




On June 12th and 13th at our beautiful property on Fisher Road, (see map on the side bar) we're hosting our 51st All Breed AKC Dog Show!

Entries are up this year: we have 545 dogs entered on Saturday and 562 on Sunday!

There will be a $3 per car parking fee per day, or you can buy a weekend pass for $5. AKC rules state that only entered dogs are allowed. (As you can imagine for safety's sake! 562 dogs who are trained to show are probably enough!)

Come cheer on your favorite dog. Enjoy free ice cream from the Paducah Bank (who sponsors Best In Show because they rock) WOW! Truck, and delicious barbecue lunch from our vendors.
The Paducah Kennel Club honors our Nation's fallen heroes on this Memorial Day

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Obedience Trial ROCKED!!!

The Paducah Kennel Club hosted an AKC all breed obedience trial at the beautiful club property on Fisher Road. Folks came from at least five states to show their dogs' capabilities in the exacting sport of dog obedience.

Right here is the hardest working Obedience Chair in the United States of America!
Ginia Manchester put on one heck of a trial!

Saturday's Ring Stewards Carol Nielsen, Ruby Sisk, and Martha Veach listen to the judge with some exhibitors.
Judge Marilyn Gormley presents Paducah Kennel Club member Steve Johnson and Standard Poodle, Tessa, their first place ribbon.

And first place in another class for PKC member Sally Moore and her homebred yellow lab, Lily.

This Boxer from Tennessee figured it was a Saturday in Spring in Kentucky: he was ready for the Derby!
The Sunday Ring Stewards were Tina Sisk, Ruby Sisk, and Carol Neilsen.
Huge congratulations to Sharon Shanahan and her Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Sam, on earning their UDX title on Sunday!
Sunday's judge, Patrick Higgins, presents the oh so hard to achieve tenth double-qualifying ribbons to Sharon and Sam. Just wow.
Sunday's coveted High in Trial and High Combined prizes were won by Kathy Schroeder's Mea, from St. Louis. Turns out it was Kathy's birthday, so Mea sure gave her a fantastic present.
I think maybe we worked Ruby a little too hard?

See you at the club!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

February FUN Raiser

(Your photographer arrived late, due to work. The delicious potluck had already been consumed, so no food photos are available. Apologies!)

Just what did she do for all those tips??? Hmmmmm???
(Actually the tips went to the club: Thanks everyone!)

Thanks to everyone who cooked, who laughed, who brought guests, who laughed some more, who helped prepare and set up, who served, who cleaned up, who laughed until coke came out their noses until the cows came home, and who supported the club!

see you next time at the club