Friday, September 10, 2010

Beginners Agility Classes

Beginners Agility Class

New Classes are forming @ Paducah Kennel Club!! The first Class is September 21st.

Enrollment begins now!!

Participation fee is $90 for six weeks, (wow, that’s only $15 per session – what a bargain) and fee is payable upon registration.

Instruction will begin at 6:30

Reasons to join agility:

· Offers physical exercise for both you and your dog

· Challenges your dog mentally, builds confidence and teaches listening skills

· Builds companionship between you and your dog

· Enjoy the company of many other dog lovers

· PKC has all the equipment seen during agility trials

It is the fastest growing dog sport in the country

Paducah Kennel Club is located at 1325 Fisher Rd Paducah, KY
call 270-210-5424 for more info

dogs must be current on vaccinations and have basic obedience training: sit, stay, come

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Anonymous said...

Is class still at 6:30?