Friday, June 4, 2010

Congratulations Grads!!!

On Tuesday night the Beginning Agility Class graduated. Agility Chair Gene Glastetter handed out the proof -

There were big dogs...
And little dogs..
And more dogs than pictured, but that's my fault. Thanks to Martha Veatch for the great photos!

Then on Thursday, it was Graduation Day for the Pet Obedience class

Instructor Debbie Cavitt raved about what a great class this was!

Why, yes of course there was food involved! Treats for the humans and the dogs!
And after the certificates and goodies were handed out, the CGC  and Therapy Dog International testing began.

Thanks to Agility Instructors Gene Glastetter, Virginia Mapes, Fred Jackson, Martha Veatch, Marjorie Loynes, and Judy Johnson. And to the Obedience Instructors Debbie Cavitt, Sally Moore, and Ginia Manchester.

You volunteered a ton of your time and energy for your Club and you sure are appreciated!

see you at the Club!

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