Wednesday, September 23, 2009

So Much Fun!

PKC member Martha Veach had a great idea. "Let's have an Agility Show and Go, and then a potluck. Greg will cook his world famous smoked pork chops, and everyone can bring sides and desserts."
Yes, indeedy!

I forgot my camera, so there are no photos of the challenging course that was built, but it was great practice. (Thanks to Martha for these photos.) We charged $5 for unlimited runs for PKC members, and $7 for non-members. Indoors, the obedience ring was all set to go for obedience practice. We ran some seriously happy dogs from 4 pm to 6:30, and the rain for the most part held off.

Then it was ... dinnertime. Oh yeah. I'll tell you what, PKC members can solid cook! Greg's pork chops, in addition to being HUGE, were tender, smokey, juicy oh lordy yum. And then there was the rest. I know I'm going to leave something - several somethings - out. Too much to remember. But, chili, cheesy scalloped potatoes, white beans, salad, ambrosia, wild rice, bread salad, melons, garden 'maters, butternut squash casserole, Ramon noodle salad, bananas in some kind of way yummy yogurt nut sauce, pies, pies, oh my gosh pies, blueberry crumble, cake, cookies, and more!

All that for $5 per person. Yes, you heard it right. I'm still full!

After paying for the meat, the club made $95. Talk about win win!
Pork chop man Greg
Martha, thanks for your super idea. Greg, thanks for your amazing chef skills. Thanks to everyone who came and contributed such yumminess!

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