Monday, October 26, 2009

Sweet Success - the PKC Autum Agility Trial

The ring is almost ready.

The National Anthem is sung so beautifully, young Kendell Washington blows everyone away. It's a perfect start to a fabulous weekend.

Worker bees.

Everyone loves the ribbon ladies!

And everyone loves the kitchen ladies, too!

The Trial Photographer, Karen Woods of Woods Vue Photography, (seen here talking with judge, Keith Harold of Eudora, KS) is going to send us some action shots of the trial, plus a gorgeous collage she did of the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. We'll post them in a separate entry.

Two of the thousands of smiles in evidence all four days.

We made the front page of Saturday's paper,

and page two of the Sunday Sun! Not to mention the TV news on WPSD!

What a fantastic event.

What a fantastic Kennel Club.

What a fantastic group of MEMBERS!!!

see you at the club ...

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