Friday, March 18, 2011

Agility Classes Starting March 29

some of last spring's graduates receive their certificates 

This month the Paducah Kennel Club is offering both BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE Agility Classes!

Classes are only $15 per session for a six week course. (That's really a good bargain - $90 payable to PKC prior to the first class.) Classes will be starting at 6:30 on Tuesday nights.

Email Agility Chair Gene Glastetter  to sign up or if you have any questions.

If you plan to enroll in the BEGINNER classes, your dog and you must have completed a basic obedience class.  To sign up for the INTERMEDIATE classes, you and your dog must have completed a beginner Agility course. 

See you at the club!

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Wow, how long does it take to finish the lessons?